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Health, Safety & Environmental

Hiep Phat Logistics is committed to a ‘Full Compliance Culture’ where health, safety, and environmental matters are of the highest priority in all activities. Striving for continuous improvement, Hiep Phat Logistics follows the comprehensive Safety, Health, Environmental and Quality (SHE-Q) management system. The commitment of the management team can ensure continuous training and development of the workforce and well-being of each and every person associated with Hiep Phat Logistics.


 Quality Policy

  • Hiep Phat Logistics is ensure our products and services comply in all aspects with the requirements of our customers at all times.

  • Hiep Phat Logistics is dedicated to providing a high level of service that ensures customer’s satisfaction.

  • Hiep Phat Logistics is committed to continually improve the effectiveness of the quality management system.

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